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The Companies can list their details in this services to make deals with other companies – We are Connecting Business Together.
Shopping Everything Online from one Place (All Shops Under One Umbrella ) – We are Providing Online Shopping for Several Types of Stores in UAE.
The Best Restaurants in UAE in one place with different Food Flavor – We are providing a Platform where you can find through it the Restaurants you like it.
All type of services which you need it in your home are available in this service – We are providing home services online in one click.
Shopping Everything Online from one Place – We are Providing Online Shopping for Several Types of Stores in UAE.
E-Beneficiary Prices For Companies’ Staffs -We try to achieve a balance between the investment and the customers satisfaction.
The latest Solutions & software’s that’s the Companies need it to Run their Business – We are providing all Software’s in a single platform.
The Best place to find a job and Make a difference with your Resume – We are Providing The most Suitable Companies for you.
Enjoy our reservations quotes collection. Best reservations quote selected by thousands of our users! – We are Operates a Branded Network of Hotels Designed to offer Standardized Stay Experiences.
Online Education can be a Lifeline to those who have Obstacles, such as Geographical Distances , We are a Great Online Platform to Connect Students with Teachers.
For Traders , if you want to Sell your Products as a Whole Seller , We are Providing you a System to sell your Products in a Big Quantities.
Discovering your Self will take more work , but with our services , We will introduce you to the Community to become a famous with less work.
All Payments in One Place – We are a service provider for agent that providing payments facilities to pay all your bills and fees in one click.
E-coupons are the digital analogue of paper coupons which are used to provide customers with discounts or gifts in order to attract the purchase of some products.
Membership programs giving the happiness and relaxing to you everywhere after you become a member in our platform and pay the yearly fees.


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Shawqi Salama
Shawqi Salama
CEO / Founder
Graduated in 1999 B.A Accounting and Mangment and started my career life on the same year. Recognized for taking risks and driving for results as well as optimizing operations both nationally and internationally.
Joena Andrada
Joena Andrada
Sales Head
Effective on a direct one on one discussion and group presentation meeting on different kinds of people with different nationalities, different needs. Sales call for prospecting and providing all the benefits about the product.
Ann Hesin
Ann Hesin
Safety Officer
Safety conscious sales representative effectively manage a large volume of work orders for both commercial and residential properties.Focused on delivering quality work and exceptional customer service. Strong work ethic with flexible.
Dixie Roa
Dixie Roa
Staff Manager
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Zezo Business provides online ordering services for various types of stores in the UAE, such as Restaurants, Supermarkets, flower shops, sweet shops, cake and bakeries shop and Pharmacies, cosmetic shops, etc. (E-Order Project)